Nicky Romero & StadiumX ft. Sam Martin – Love You Forever

After releasing a remix for Kygo, Nicky Romero is already back with another tune. This time he teamed up once again with Protocol Recordings veteran, StadiumX, and vocalist Sam Martin to deliver a beautiful new progressive house record. This trio of Nicky and StadiumX have been a dream team, already collaborating on multiple songs in the past. These collaborations include ‘Rise‘ and ‘Harmony‘.

Now, they’re back again with another instant classic, titled ‘Love You Forever‘. This track features mesmerizing vocals by Sam Martin. The vocals transition into the buildup, raising the tension before dropping into an uplifting melody sent straight from heaven. The drop backed up by the vocals create an enchanting atmosphere for the song that every fan of dance music will love.

Overall, this new record is good for the progressive house genre in 2019. This really embodies Nicky Romero’s melodic side, showing he still truly believes in the sound and is keeping it alive. You also can’t forget about the StadiumX duo, who have been releasing progressive house tune after tune. We absolutely love this new record. Let us know what you think. You can listen to this new release here or down below.