Kaskade is back at it again with yet another hot remix of Jennifer Lopez‘s new single, ‘Medicine.’ Peaking at the top 100 Billboard charts this past April, Jennifer Lopez continues to wow the world with more of her addictive pop songs. Kaskade’s official remix of ‘Medicine’ gives the song new energy, sure to set more dancefloors and summer festivals ablaze.

This remix features two legendary musical icons pairing together to give birth to a wondrous concoction of dance-pop-music magic. Known for his magnetic four-on-the-floor style, Kaskade adds his unique flair to the song with a driving, dancefloor-approved bass line, long synths, and a more heightened, up-tempo flurry of J-Lo’s lively vocals. The song starts with a pulsating J-Lo vocal melody, followed by clapping percussions and a rising, evolving synthy-bass line.

J-Lo and Kaskade have consistently released iconic dance and pop songs for decades now. It’s with no surprise that any of Kaskade’s official remixes will make an already hypnotic song, even more irresistible. Recently collaborating with Meghan Trainor for ‘With You,’ we can’t wait to see what’s next for Kaskade’s summer of dance-pop-EDM.