Denver-based artist GRiZ is back with his new EP, Bangers[1].Zip. This three-track collection evokes the classic GRiZ saxophone vibe, alongside clever lyrics and catchy riffs.

‘Voodoo‘ has a reggae-like vibe, featuring vocals from SUPERLOVE. The second track ‘No Bad Trips’ is irresistibly funky, and displays GRiZ’s ability to effortlessly mesh a wide variance of sound and tempo. His final track is called ‘Ice Cream’, and delivers a unique, dubstep-favoring . In my opinion, this track has some seriously gritty Rusko vibes.

In addition to the release of the EP today, GRiZ announced Ride Waves Tour Season 2.

GRiZ is an incredibly talented artist, mixing his funky, live saxophone and his future electro-soul sound. Check out his newest project down below!

GRiZ – Bangers[1].Zip