Elijah Wood Almost Donned Skrillex’s Look in New Film

In the upcoming horror-comedy Come to Daddy, Elijah Wood plays a DJ who visits his father for the first time since being abandoned by him decades earlier. While Wood portrayed his character, Norval, in hipster fashion—sported with an edgy eccentric cut and stache—the Lord of the Rings actor almost went about borrowing Skrillex’s look. According to Wood, the director Ant Timpson conveyed his original plans with a picture of Skrillex attached to the script sent to him.

Over the weekend, the film was screened and well received at the New Orleans Overlook Film Festival. It was at that time that Wood expressed the journey behind his costume design.

“When Ant sent me the script, it came with a photo of Skrillex. No Joke. He was like, ‘This is kind of what I’m imagining.’ And I was like, Oh, f—, he must be kidding. Skrillex is fine. [But] his look is more extreme. I was like, ‘Oh s—, that is what he has in his head.’ And as we got into production, actually, his ideas got crazier. Like, Skrillex was mild in comparison. So the costume design stuff, and the hair, and all of that, that was really a collaboration. I was like, ‘He has to be human, we have to relate to him on some level. He can’t be a total alien.’”

There’s no denying that Skrillex definitely has a signature look. Good call on Wood in talking the director out of that one as it would have probably turned out over the top with a fine line between flattery and mockery.

Come to Daddy co-stars Martin Donovan, Michael Smiley, and Stephen McHattie as Norval’s father. Check out the clip from the film below to grab a quick glimpse of the style in question.