The Cure For Tinnitus Could Be Here Soon.

The University of Arizona has made a breakthrough on research into tinnitus that they hope could help develop a cure.

Researchers worked on mice and found that by blocking a protein that triggers brain inflammation the conditions stopped. Now the goal for the researchers is to be able to develop a pill that can block the same proteins that cause tinnitus and possibly other hearing conditions.

It’s currently unknown how tinnitus develops in people, despite every one in 10 suffer from the condition. Professor Shaowen Bao, a co-author of the study, suggests that tinnitus is caused by a molecule called TNF-A. By blocking said molecule in mice and then exposed them to loud noise for two hours helped prevent the mice from developing tinnitus. Therefore, studying this more may lead to further breakthroughs.

However, he pointed out that although the therapy was successful in the animals. The potential adverse effects have to be thoroughly investigated before any human trials can begin.

This “cure” isn’t the miracle pill that will keep your ears in top shape forever. Protecting your ears at shows with earplugs is the best option. Go buy yourself some nice earplugs if you frequently attend shows. Hopefully, this pill reaches pharmacy shelves soon as another option for protecting your ears.