Carl “Coxy” Cox The Techno Cognoscente

Reigning down from Barbados, this British artist has been taking control of the airwaves since 1980. Carl Cox, A.K.A. “Coxy”, to call him a DJ would be an understatement, as he is a cognoscente of electronic music; no one can top this legend.

When it all began

Carl “coxy” Cox, was born in Barbados in July 29 1962, has taken life by the horns and made it his servant. But the great Coxy, didn’t wake up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Carl Cox, was a laborer growing up and took on numerous jobs that had nothing to do with creating music. Just at the at of 15 Carl Cox was working as mobile DJ and he played what most of London’s youth was playing, rare groove, New York Hip-Hop, and electro. It wasn’t until 1987’s , Acid Trax’ by Phuture (a.k.a. DJ Pierre), that he had his “a-ha!” moment.

It was then that I thought, ‘This is it,’ “I would do my parties, and I’d play old rare groove and hip hop and soul and I would say ‘Right you’ve got to hear this Phuture track’ and people would just stop and listen.”

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Carl Cox’s Humble Beginnings

In his interview latest with Forbes Magazine he mentions that he is resilient and wasn’t going to let financial obstacles get in the way.

“My last job before I was a DJ was a scaffolder, and before that, I was a painter and decorator, and before that I was I was a builder’s mate, a plasterer’s mate and a chippy.”

Carl Cox – Interview with Frobes Magazine

Additionaly, Coxy has character; he is a well rounded individual who has not only worked many non-musical jobs, but was also a club goer himself long before he began his musical career.

” I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the coin. I know what it’s like to wait in a queue, to save up my money to go to an event, when I couldn’t wait to hear the DJ play. I was right in the middle of the dance floor listening to the sound system with a big smile on my face, and dancing my ass off! Most DJs don’t have that experience, most go straight into the DJ booth. But I was a clubber for a least 10 to 15 years before I was DJing. The only reason that I DJed was that – all the time I was dancing – the DJ wasn’t really giving me what I wanted. So I thought, the only way I can do that is to do it myself. So that’s what I did, I became a DJ.”

Carl Cox – Interview with Frobes Magazine

Carl Cox’s Legacy

Carl Cox held one of the longest if not the longest residencies at Club Space in Ibiza, Spain where he was a resident DJ for 16 years. The most beloved club in Ibiza was then bought out by, Ushuaïa Entertainment in 2016 and renamed as Hï Ibiza.

Club Space Ibiza was not his only curating addition, he is a huge reason Ultra Music Festival in Miami is the festival we know today.

What began with his own tent that held 2,500 festival goers “Carl Cox & Friends.”

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To the “Carl Cox Megastructure” that holds 20,000 festival goers.

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Burning Man

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@ Burning Man 2018

In 2008, Carl Cox began playing at Burning Man.

“I thought, this is something else, a gathering of like-minded people who go there to be creative, to gift in a way of being able to express themselves, from the biggest sculpture to the smallest detail of something meaningful.”

In 2018 he curated the “Purple Party” paying homage to the late singer Prince.

If Anyone Deserves This, It’s Carl Cox

Known to be one of the most humble artist in the scene, Carl Cox reminds us that he will not think of himself as a cynical person; his success doesn’t make him better than anyone. His humble and kind perspective is welcomed and we applaud him.

“I’m so happy, I feel blessed and honored to be doing what I’m doing. I feel privileged to be able to be in this position, and to give you what you believe you should be getting from me as a DJ, but also as a person, because at the end of the day I’ll have a beer with anyone, I’ll have a shot with everyone. I don’t see myself any higher than anyone else.”

In conclusion, Carl Cox is a THE man. He is the artist we didn’t know we needed. His contribution to the music and his enthusiasm for the new generation to come is unrivaled. Thank you Carl Cox for all you’ve done and thank you for giving us the swankiest techno tunes we didn’t know we deserve.