Amelie Lens is back on Second State, after only a year and a half since her last release on the label. Out now is her highly anticipated, 3-track EP titled ‘Hypnotized‘. This follows her much acclaimed ‘Basiel EP’ released last year through Lenske, her own label.

She captivated fans during her sets last year with this track, so the title is quite appropriate. It breaks the ice on a fiercely pounding note. A heavy kick artillery, brooding chord stabs and cascading snares flex throughout the song. Her delayed vox hooks steadily sink us into hypnosis.

The second track, ‘Access‘, reaches for the most remote recesses of a dancers’ minds. Its psychoactive synth waves rev up the engine further and swirls louder than loud. Her last track is Joyhauser’s remix of ‘Hypnotized’ and the Belgian duo add quite the euphoric spin to it. It seals it with a stand-out rave anthem rework. She custom-built it for epic, warehouses and mid-set apexes sure to send shockwaves.

Amelie is coming in hot for the busy festival season ahead. She’s got a pair of razor-sharp peak time weapons, and a dirty remix that will make us swoon on the dancefloor. Hailing from Belgium herself, she is the most exciting export to have hit our shores. She’s got a mesmerizing whisper in her music driven with effervescent percussion and that pounding bass we love.

Her upcoming performances include Sónar, Movement, Awakenings, Exit, Kappa Future and Sonus. I think we can all agree that these dancefloors are about to set on fire this summer.

Keep following Amelie for more updates on her music. Her title track is available now for listening below. We will eagerly stay tuned for the rest of her EP to release. Enjoy!

Amelie Lens – Hypnotized | Buy/Stream