Young Bombs – Don’t Let Them

Riding the momentum off of their debut single, ‘Starry Eyes’, Young Bombs is back for another hit. Titled ‘Don’t Let Them’, the track paints a powerful message about anti bullying.

Employing an upbeat and stirring vibe, ‘Don’t Let Them’ is the perfect dance tune for the summer. Besides the energetic uptake of the track, what stands out the most is the underlying message. In a saturated EDM market of songs about partying, what the duo does here is admirable. Beneath the flowing electronic synths, the chorus shines through with, ‘Get rid of all your fake friends, get up and live for the weekends, ah yeah, don’t let ’em put the shit on you!’

A rather new duo to the EDM scene, Young Bombs’s future is promising. Be sure to keep them on your radar for upcoming releases. ‘Don’t Let Them’ also comes with a lyric video which can be streamed below.

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