Woman’s Uterus Falls Out While Dancing Too Hard

A 60-year-old woman from China takes “danced too hard” to a whole new level after her uterus slipped out of place and protruded out of her vagina. Dr. Song, a doctor from the city of Xuzhou, China, told news sources that the woman had sought medical attention after she felt something drop out of her body while dancing. A physical exam from her doctor found a total prolapsed uterus.

If this sounds absolutely horrifying to you—relax a little. While the woman claims that she might have danced too hard, her treating physician explains a more physiological happenstance. For one, the woman reports having a history of uterine prolapse in the past. Although, previous incidences only involved slight protrusion in comparison to this episode’s entire prolapse.

Uterine prolapse isn’t an uncommon issue. However, severity can vary. It is often caused by muscles surrounding and supporting the uterus weakened from childbirth. Dr. Song suspects that the patient may have given birth to a large baby in the past to predispose the condition. Additionally, older women, particular after the age of menopause, are more prone to uterine prolapse due to decreased estrogen levels that usually play a role in muscle and tissue tone.

Not to fear—all hope is lost for aging women. Dr. Song advised new mothers to start exercising their pelvic floor muscles after giving birth to prevent such occurrences. She also urged women not to dismiss chronic constipation, coughs or allergic rhinitis untreated as their can all cause stress and weakening to the pelvic floor muscles overtime.

Regardless, the woman underwent corrective surgery to secure her uterus back in place and is on the way to recovery. Glad to hear that she’s okay, and hopefully she gets to continue shuffling on soon.