BREAKING: Ultra Cancels Virginia Key Contract, Teases New Home

In a Game of Thrones level twist, Ultra Music Festival has cancelled its license agreement with the City of Miami to hold the festival at Virginia Key in 2020. As the City of Miami planned to vote on renewing the agreement tomorrow, Ultra is pulling the rug out from all of them.

Ultra posted a long statement explaining the move. Citing feedback from its user surveys, Ultra teased its next move:

“We are now finalizing new South Florida location that will service as an incredible an permanent home for Ultra Music Festival”

Ultra said that while many amazing venues have been offered over the years, one has “shined far above the others” and Ultra plans to make it a permanent home.

It’s a bit of poetic justice for Miami and the local groups who were all lining up to stab Ultra in the back after it brought the city millions of dollars every year. The City Commission was closely split on renewing the deal, despite the support of many hotel and restaurant groups. As it was Miami was extracting a sky high price to host the festival and expecting Ultra to obtain absolute perfection without its support. Beyond that, Ultra had outgrown its Bayfront location and perhaps the urban environment alltogether.

What’s Next?

Does Ultra decide to go all in on the Resistance Island vibe? Our money is on yes. In fact, the Miami Herald reports activity concerning Homestead Florida. The Homestead Speedway expects a proposal to be submitted soon. What happens to WMC and Miami Music Week, which have always been a Miami staple alongside Ultra? We don’t know yet but we’ll keep you posted.