Two Men Snuck Out of Their Retirement Home to Attend a Heavy Metal Festival

Metalheads enjoy Wacken Open Air music festival
Picture from Wacken Open Air gallery

Festivals attract all sorts of people. The carefree and the careful, the wild and the reckless, the young and the old. Well, back in August, two metalheads snuck out of their retirement home just so they could attend Wacken Open Air, the world’s largest outdoor heavy metal music festival. Unfortunately, their party quest was cut short when police were notified of the two missing seniors.

The German music festival lasts four days and on average, expects up to 75,000 attendees. Like most major music festivals, tickets sold out quick.  Since the men, one 58 and the other 59, didn’t have tickets to the festival, they were unable to gain access. Instead, they found their way to the German town of Wacken, located right outside of the festival. Now, we know what you’re thinking. 58? 59? That’s not that old. It’s true. What’s the harm?

Metalheads Just Wanna Have Fun

Sadly, the men suffered from mental health issues, so finding them became imperative for the police once they discovered the truth about their condition. In the meantime, the men enjoyed their time in the town. They drank and partied around, enjoying a moment of youthful nostalgia until it grew too late. Police said the men were drunk and disoriented when they found them. The men had missed the last bus and were wandering around the bus stop at 3 AM.

From there, they were taken to the festival’s medical tent, where they sought medical attention while they waited for a taxi. At that point, these metalheads were ready to sleep and willingly accepted the police’s offer to escort them home.

This is something you’d see in a show. A wilder Grace and Frankie, if you will. Yet the same lesson stands. You’re never too old to rage. Hell, when you’re older, there’s probably a better reason to do it. We stan these legends and we’re glad they’re okay.