Rolling Loud Becomes Weekend of Chaos

Between gold cart joyrides, true and false shooting, cancellations, and arrests Rolling Loud certainly outdid Ultra this year. Nothing went right for the festival as issues seemed to continuously pile up. The Hip-Hop festival takes place at one of the venues many Ultra fans think would be a decent home for Ultra. First of all, Kodak Black was arrested at the Hard Rock Stadium Saturday on Federal and State weapon charges. The rapper was unable to perform and the mistrust with security only got worse. Lil Wayne canceled his performance at the festival after refusing a security pat down since he too was probably packing illegal heat.

Wayne noted that “I do not and will not ever settle for being policed to do my job and give you guys a great show.” Incredibly, the issues don’t stop there. At one of the stages, a group of guys stole a golf cart and drove it through the crowd to get front row.

Crowd hysteria only got worse at Rolling Loud. A false active shooter caused panic among attendees as they quickly fled the stadium. Festivalgoers were allowed back into the festival, but it did not go very smoothly. Just take a look at the video below.

To top it off, a real shooting was reported involving rapper NBA Youngboy. Reports stated that one person was killed in the altercation while another person suffered non-life threatening injuries. A few months ago Rolling Loud tried to take shots at EDM. It’s poetic to see it come to bite them back. Hopefully, in the future, they worry more about how their festival runs and not what other genres are doing.