RELIVE: EDC 2019’s Most Memorable Moments & Secret Gems

Philip Prolo for Insomniac Events

EDC 2019 Highlights

Every year the spectacle that is EDC continues to grow by leaps and bounds. On top of this, the festival is as safe as ever. This is easy to see, as the last two years have seen an astounding zero reported deaths. This year, Insomniac teamed up with everyone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye, to announce EDCLV’s 2019 theme, ‘Kinetic Energy‘. For a full recap of EDCLV ’19, be sure to click here. For now, check out some of this year’s most memorable moments below as chosen by the writers and editors here at EDMTunes.

The Festival Grounds

Insomniac has come to be known for the outstanding events and festivals they put on. It goes without saying that the Las VegasElectric Daisy Carnival is the cream of their crop. This is largely due to their amazing stage productions, and interactive areas.

Pixel Forest

A nice addition to this year’s already behemoth festival grounds, was, ‘Pixel Forest‘. The Pixel Forest consisted of a walkthrough passageway with an amazing visual display, synced to some pretty gnarly music. This ended up being a great place to get away from the crowds and vibe out a bit. Check out this video, for a better idea of what the forest had to offer.

Adi Adinayev for Insomniac Events
Downtown EDC

Smack dab in the middle of EDCLV, was Downtown EDC. This was a rather neat area, as it included various themed bars, a pop-up, hip-hop club, as well as a full blown drag show. In addition to this, headliners were able to join in on some karaoke, and even adventure into some trippy bars. A fan favorite seemed to be the “Mini Bar”, which literally just that. Check out this video, to see what we’re talking about.


One of the newer additions to EDC was its camping area, dubbed “Camp EDC“. While I personally did not attend, all of the buzz surrounding the camp has me itching to check it out next year. From the highly talked about pool parties to the communal feelings attendees shared, it seems like Camp EDC was the place to be. The camp also included activities such as twerk & shuffling workshops, Yoga with goats, scavenger hunts, and even headbangers therapy, so there’s that.

Virisa Young for Insomniac Events

The camp included sets from names such as Joyryde, Latmun, and even Kaskade. It seems like one of the best moments of Camp EDC was the kickoff party with none other than Fisher himself.

Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Artistry At Its Finest

Apart from its impeccable production value, EDC has come to be known for its art installations and roaming performance troupes. It is also known for its art cars & parades. Spread throughout the festival, these pieces of mobile art are just as good as the music being played on the stages. If you managed to venture out, you may have been lucky enough to come across some gems. One such gem was the Icarus Art Car, who made their way to EDC for the first time this year.


What was easily one of the coolest art installations at this years EDC was none other than the “Paraluna”. This art installation was unlike others, as it consisted of a spinning LED fan. Headliners who found themselves under the trippy installation could easily find themselves speechless as the spinning art installation did its thing, Rezz style.

Performance Troupes & Parades
Adi Adinayev for Insomniac Events

This years festival was chock full of surprises. The festival grounds were full of performance troupes who more than played their part in making sure headliners felt immersed in the world that is EDC. One of my favorite parts of the night was finding my way to the Tesla Coil Electricity Show.

This consisted of three performers, playing with electricity in sync with some awesome music. While there are no quality photos to share of this experience, check out a snippet of last years performance here for an idea of what we’re talking about.

Another interesting aspect of EDC was the numerous parades that took place over the course of the three day weekend. While it was annoying to be cut off from your planned route between sets, the parades were quite the spectacle, as they consisted of the various art cars, music and all.

Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events
Art Cars

EDC is not EDC, without its lineup of art cars. Specially curated, each car was its own mini, mobile stage, with loads of artist playing special sets aboard the vessels. If you were lucky, you might have caught Audien’s exclusive house set aboard the Parliament Art Car. There were loads of special moments throughout the weekend, such as Saturday, where the Brownies & Lemonade crew took over the Forest House Art Car.

One moment that sticks out was randomly happening upon the Icarus Art Car. While you could usually find it in Nomads Land, It was neat to watch the art car roam about the festival grounds. This mostly due to the fact that it is modeled after a spaceship.

It was a cool sight to see the crew aboard dance the night away. What was even cooler was that you could actually hop on, and join in on the fun. The ship also included a stripper pole, so I’m sure you can already imagine the kind of fun that came from that.

Photo Courtesy Of The Icarus Facebook Page
The Hand Of God

One awesome attraction was the “Hand of God”. The Hand of God was made up of a giant mechanical metal hand. With this, you were able to pick up and crush actual cars. This is definitely something to look forward to playing with again next year.

Demian Becerra for Insomniac Events


EDC would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the music. The rides, attractions, and overall ambiance are out of this world, however, it’s the music that seals the deal. Known for booking the biggest acts, and bringing in the best surprise artists, this year followed trend.


One of the best moments of EDC ’19, was seeing the return of Deadmau5. Being one of the pioneers of the early EDM era, it was amazing to see the Mau5 in full form as he wowed a new generation of ravers. There was a special moment where Joel (Deadmau5) donned his signature mau5head, to which the crowd cheered with joy. This was definitely one of those moments we wish we could relive. Check out his full set here.

Virisa Young for Insomniac Events

One of the most looked forward to artist this year was none other than Illenium. If you were there, you would know that he easily had one of the biggest crowds all weekend. With a fanbase as active as his, we couldn’t imagine it any other way. Check out his set here.

What So Not

Another artist who blew EDC away happened to be the Australian DJ & record producer, What So Not. Fans new, and old were blown away as he made sure to play a great amount of his “OG Hits”. Check out his full set here.

Rusko b2b Skream

One of the most hyped sets of the whole weekend was the special B2B between Rusko & Skream. The two Dubstep legends took the crowd back to the golden age of dubstep, demolishing the bassPOD in the process. Check out their set here.

Skrillex surprise set 

One of the biggest moments of the whole weekend was easily the surprise Skrillex set. Literally taking over circuitGROUNDS, Skrillex blew EDC away. I’m sure I wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that he had the biggest crowd all weekend. Relive his epic set here.


Last but not least is Zhu. Taking over the cosmicMEADOW, he brought his unique, deep, blend of house music. Zhu even took the stage and played a couple of instruments live, to include a saxophone. Easily one of the most memorable sets, be sure to check out his set here.

Christopher Pearce for Insomniac Events

For a more in depth list of this years EDC sets, be sure to check this out.

The Vibe

The vibe that EDC Las Vegas is able to produce is seriously otherworldly. From the artists to the rides, the installations, and art cars, the energy inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is hard to replicate. One of the main reasons this can be attributed to is due to the people who attended, AKA the headliners.

Chris Lazzaro for Insomniac Events

Everything from the incredible Totems, to the random Naked Guy, made the weekend so much better. It was plain to see that EDC LV was quite the vibe. Don’t even get us started on all of the Memes that the festival spawned.

If you’ve yet to make the journey to The Electric Daisy Carnival, this is definitely something you need to do, trust me. With the dates for the 2020 edition of The Electric Daisy Carnival already set, there is no excuse not to make it out next year. For more information on EDC LV, and the rest of Insomniac’s festival arsenal, be sure to check out the official website here.

See you under the electric sky