Naked Guy From EDC Responds To Questions on Reddit

Naked Guy From EDC Reddit

Electric Daisy Carnival has been known to have its fair share of nudity. Each year it seems like someone is stripping down ready to dance the night away. In 2016, a naked man dove off of a stage straight on his head. This year, a man on 6-8 acid tabs felt he also needed to take off his clothes at Quantum Valley.

Over the last few days, the man has taken to Reddit to answer some much-needed questions. People asked questions about what he was on, how he felt the next day, and why he did it. He feels embarrassed about the whole situation. Between the memes and videos, he felt this Q&A was needed.

Some interesting takeaways from the Reddit page were after he removed his clothes the police surrounded him. They actually cut off his wristband but he was able to replace it for $40. One of the big things he was talking about was facing “Ego Death.” He believed he had entered a higher state of communal consciousness that all humans would eventually be a part of. He had this to say about the experience:

“I would define ego death as a mindset of disconnection from your physical and mental self as an individual and an overwhelming feeling of connection with the world and people around you, including their history, experiences, feelings, etc.”

When consuming any type of drug at a music festival is super important to remember your limits. Sure it can be fun to take a large dose but there are consequences that might come along with it. This is a perfect example of how things can go very wrong and how you can lose focus of why you came to the festival in the first place.