Marco Carola Faces A $2.4M Lawsuit If He Plays At Pacha Ibiza

Party people around the world know how top-notch Ibiza is when it come to raves. The island is well-known for its nightclubs and beach clubs. Pacha and Amnesia are two of the best spots if you’re looking for a good place to dance.

Amnesia’s exclusive venue usually gathers the best techno DJs for an all-night run. Artist Marco Carola has been a resident for the ‘Music On‘ party brand hosted at the Amnesia for the past five years. However, it’s recently been announced that ‘Music On’ would be throwing a series of gigs at Pacha Ibiza this year as well.

If Carola were to play one of the ‘Music On’ parties at Pacha, he would breach the exclusivity agreement that he holds with Amnesia. Amnesia has now filed a lawsuit against Marco Carola to prevent him from playing. He will have to pay a $2.4 million fine if he doesn’t comply.

Amnesia has the right to own the exclusivity of the ‘Music On’ series. Their contract reads that there is a ‘prohibition to promote the brand at any other party or event, both for the Music On and for its main artist, Marco Carola’. Failure to respect this clause might incur in legal action – which is exactly what’s happening here.

As of today, the events at Pacha Ibiza are still advertising with Marco Carola as a headliner and other artists on the bill such as Joseph Capriati, Hot Since 82 and some other massive names. They start on May 16 and last all summer. Whether Carola will actually play or not remains to be seen.

H/T: Diario de Ibiza