Man Jailed After Driving Over Girlfriend For Attending EDC

EDC Vegas is arguably one of the largest events held in the bustling city of Las Vegas each year. Thousands attend the 3 day festival, creating memories for a lifetime. Although so many of us find joy and happiness in this magical environment, there are some who despise the event. A 20 year old man was recently jailed on an attempted murder charge after running over his girlfriend after finding out she went to EDC.

After seeing his girlfriend (not to be named) enjoying EDC on Instagram, Ryan Mansour left his job at the Red Rock Resort movie theater, fueled with rage. He drove to his girlfriends house “to get back all the things he ever gave her”. For some reason, Mansour believed she “did not deserve the cards or bears he gave her in the past”.

Soon after arriving, the two had a verbal argument over the event. Eventually, they both got back inside the car to talk over their situation. Unfortunately, the argument escalated and the woman proceeded to leave the vehicle. The arrest report then states that Mansour “lost sight of her” in a parking lot they stopped in. Mansour claims he backed up, put the car in drive, and proceeded forward until he heard her yelling ‘stop, stop,”.

“Ryan stated he did not run her over on purpose but admitted he was full of rage and made a dumb mistake due to his state of mind”

Mansour failed to ensure his girlfriend was out of harms way as he drove off. His car ran over her, leaving her body trapped under the body of the vehicle. Mansour’s attorney Gabe Grasso, maintains that Mansour quickly reacted to save his girlfriend after realizing she was trapped. Still, she suffered a broken leg, arm, and pelvis, along with a lacerated liver, collapsed lung, and burns to her face and body from the car’s exhaust.

We hope for a quick and full recovery to the girlfriend after this tragic event.