Madeon Takes Fans on Adventure Ahead of ‘All My Friends’ Release

“Good Faith, Imperial Studio”

Yesterday was really, really fun for some die-hard and attentive Madeon fans. Most of the musical world was knee deep in deciphering clues about his newest musical journey. However, some fans noticed that changed the announcement of his return to a list of four cities.

If the user clicked on a city, it brought up an address of a record store in that respective city (New York, Los Angeles, Alesund (Norway), and Nantes (France)). Each of these locations had two vinyls in stock of Madeon’s new single, ‘All My Friends.

Fans rushed to these locations to be first in line to receive a vinyl. It only took a few hours for all the records to be found.

These stores turned then into listening parties for all that showed up.

Based on the comments from this Reddit post, fans really enjoyed these unplanned meet-ups to listen and discuss this new exciting adventure. Similarly, Madeon also had a mini scavenger hunt back in 2015 where he hid prizes and clues to his upcoming release of ‘Adventure’.

It has only been two days since all this news broke and there seems to be so much for fans to analyze and solve. Take a look at Madeon’s Subreddit for the latest news.

Also, happy 25th birthday to the man himself! He’s come a long way and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s been a long four years. We’re in for a wild ride.