LA Patilla – Closed Eyes

If you are in need of new music to discover, then La Patilla (Ariel Sanchez) has got you covered. Ever since he won Insomniac’s 2016 Discovery Project, he’s been on the grind to share his talents with everyone. Born in the Dominican Republic and then raised in the bustling city of New York, he has all fronts of music down on the decks. Anyone that has attended his shows known he throws down the best mix of house, electro, trap, and many more.  Ariel has also won Insomniac His musical background also allows him to experiment with different styles.  Ariel’s most recent track, ‘Closed Eyes‘, sees him exploring into the more emotive depths of music employing intricate sound design and finesse.

‘Closed Eyes’ starts off with a mellow piano melody with dreamy female vocals driving the pace. This is definitely a song that you’d want to close your eyes to take it slow and appreciate. Going into the breakdown, a deep bass line kicks in with a choppy synth-laden vocal sample. And finally, the song picks back up with soothing guitar riffs and plucks.

‘Closed Eyes’ also comes with an accompanying music video. Check it out below and enjoy!