[Interview] EDMTunes Sits Down with Jan Blomqvist!

We at EDMTunes had the great privilege of sitting down with Jan Blomqvist, Berlin-based artist, producer, DJ and bandleader! Jan is known for his unique approach towards dance music – pioneering concert techno infused with ethereal vocals and pulsating melodies. He is the bandleader of BLOMQVIST and is currently on his Disconnected Album tour – be sure to check out his upcoming tour dates!

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Interview with Jan Blomqvist

EDMTunes: Thanks for sitting down with us! So first off, we wanted to discuss if you had any new projects or music coming out that you want to share with us?

Jan Blomqvist: I’m, of course, working on new stuff, but I don’t like to talk about that stuff. Rule number one – what I learned in Berlin is never, ever talk about things you want to do, just do it!

EDMTunes: What about your latest release? How are fans responding to that?

Jan Blomqvist: I’m pretty happy. Many people are reading the lyrics and realized it’s a concept album. We’re 9,000 kilometers from home and people know my lyrics!

EDMTunes: Were you nervous putting out a concept album and wondering how it would be received?

Jan Blomqvist: No. I knew that’s always easier. If I give a concept album with a certain idea, and everything logically follows, than the questions are way more interesting with the press. Because normally, if you have no concept album, if you just release tracks – it’s always the same questions, all the time, and it’s really hard to work with the press. It’s way more interesting for both sides, I think, if you have an idea.

EDMTunes: That makes a lot of sense! Next, we’d love to hear about who you would be most excited to collaborate with on a project?

Jan Blomqvist: Stephan Bodzin!

EDMTunes: Do you want to speak a little bit to your career overall? Now, playing Coachella – with two huge sets. What did it take from the beginning to get where you are now? and how does it feel to be here now?

Jan Blomqvist: There was a slow step-by-step process. I never had this like, one hit wonder thing. It was like a journey, which I expected, and I’m fine with that. It was not like this, “bang!” Like, fuck I’m here.

EDMTunes: Is there anything else you want to cover or promote?

Jan Blomqvist: Actually, the last album tour was amazing, and the album should come to people here right now. I feel like people know all my tracks from two years, the old album – Remote Control, and I think the new album, Disconnected, is worth it to listen to the lyrics, and come to my show next time!

EDMTunes: That was great! Thanks so much for speaking with us.

Be sure to check out his Disconnected album below!

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