Amsterdam Dance Event‘s return to Europe this fall is fast approaching. The annual event takes place each October in the Netherlands. This year, they’ve chosen to highlight France as their focus country.

The focus country is chosen each year based on their rich electronic music history and innovation. It receives a spotlight on their impactful electronic music scene with an array of activities throughout the event.

As Director Mariana Sanchotene explains:

“France has been one of the most important and influential music territories for decades, and in more recent years a really innovative market when it comes to electronic music and its sub-genres, in both the popular genres and more underground sounds such as electro and hip-hop. On top of that the French technological scene has been a successful breeding ground for music and culture related start-ups. During ADE we aim to showcase the best of the new players as well as pay homage to the rich culture that France has to offer.” 

Along with numerous France-focused events in both the conference and festival programming, there will be a French gathering at the ADE Guesthouse on Thursday, October 17th. The event will feature key players in the French electronic music scene.

ADE is the largest club-based festival in the world, as well as an incredibly impactful conference for producers, DJs, artists and industry folk globally. Happening this year from October 16 through 20, the event will bring in approximately 400,000 visitors for its 24th year.

You can learn more about ADE on their website.

Feature Photo: Oscar Mulero