New Above & Beyond x Seven Lions Collab Debuted at EDC

Leave it to the legends of Above & Beyond to help start off the weekend of the biggest dance festival in the world with a bang.

Unexpectedly, Jono Grant and Tony McGuiness turned around and had the infamous Seven Lions aka Jeff Montalvo join them up on stage just as their new song “See the End” began.

You can distinctly hear each artist’s unique sound in the 3 minutes we were able to hear of it. The vocals around amazing but we’re not sure on the vocalist yet.

Jonathan also lended his voice to the Seven Lions/Jason Ross collaboration “Ocean” back in 2018.

Many may know that Seven Lions received positive recognition from the trance/progressive trio after he remixed “You’ve Got to Go” in 2011 and it’s only been up from there for Jeff.

On the Seven Lion’s Instagram story posted early on May 18th, Jeff writes:

“The moment when you realize you get to stand on stage with your biggest inspirations. Legendary. Never going to forget this.”

Here the track for yourself at 35:10. Surely this one will climb the charts once officially released.