Virginia Key Advisory Board Passes Resolution Against Ultra’s Return


Virginia Key Advisory Board Passes Resolution Against Ultra’s Return

This past March, we saw the famous Ultra Music Festival play out in its new home of Virginia Key, just outside of Miami. The festival provided both positives and negatives, with the latter weighing particularly heavy with the folks of Virginia Key. From the residential disruption, to the transportation disaster, it seemed as though Ultra couldn’t catch a break. Well today, we add another tally to the list of road bumps for UMF.

Yesterday, the Virginia Key Advisory Board met and voted on the state of Ultra, voting that the city of Miami “revoke its license agreement”. Importantly, this is a show vote ahead of the real vote that Miami City Commission will hold on May 9. This comes after the Key News published a study that showed marine life suffered significant stress levels due to the loud music from the festival. The study tested hormone levels of the fish and results showed that the stress levels of the fish caused by the loud music were greater than if the fish were being chased by a predator.

We can all agree that damaging the surrounding environment of Virginia Key brings the drawbacks to new heights. Ultra proved that they can solve their issues, as they quickly fine-tuned their transportation issues after day 1.

However, the significant damage caused to the marine life cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. Outside pressure from the Mayor, along with parents of MAST Academy (a prominent school in Virginia Key), also add to the adversity Ultra is facing. The two parties voiced their opposition to renew Ultra to the Advisory Board.

With the recent vote against the renewal of Ultra’s spot at Virginia Key, the vote now moves up to the City of Miami Commissioner’s Office to vote on the future of UMF at Virginia Key. This vote will take place on May 9th.

If the vote does pass to not renew, Ultra finds itself in the same predicament as last year. Does Ultra try to go back to Bayfront Park? Do they leave Miami all together? Let us know what you think. You can also check out the Key News Tweets with all the updates below.