Spotify’s New Playlist Ecosystem is a Win-Win for Everyone

Spotify playlist ecosystem update.
Since 2008, Spotify has been one of the top three music streaming services in the game. They have updated different aspects of their design, subscription packages, and now their playlists. This ecosystem will take a step further in matching artists to listeners.

Currently, Spotify has numerous playlists curated by their editorial team. These playlists range from workouts to shower songs to studying music and so many more. These playlists are great on their own, and usually on point, but can sometimes feel incomplete. Everyone’s taste is different. Some might want Kanye West in their Beast Mode playlist, whereas others might want a more Dubstep focused workout list. With this new update, some playlists will be personalized for each listener based on their particular taste.

We found that, after discovering a song through a personalized editorial playlist, the number of listeners who then seek out the track on their own for repeat listens is up by 80%. In fact, the average number of times a listener saves a track is up 66%—all of which is good news for artists.

Artists will receive notifications when their songs are added to a playlist. It won’t appear on every listener’s personalized version. Instead, unique links will be created for these playlists, and then artists can share these onto Spotify’s playlist ecosystem.

In the end, this is a great addition for listeners and artists. A win-win. For more information, check Spotify’s page here.