Salvatore Ganacci Horses Around in New Music Video ‘Horse’


Salvatore Ganacci – Horse

The walking meme Salvatore Ganacci is back at it again with brand new track ‘Horse‘. You might remember his very interpretive dance stylings at festivals such as Tomorrowland or even as the “Relax your anus” guy while he played Eric Prydz’ ‘Pjanoo‘  If you thought he only brought these shenanigans to festivals, boy are you mistaken.

The Bosnian born DJ/Producer continues showcasing his incredibly zany personality through his brand new music video ‘Horse’ which is out now on OWLSA. You won’t believe the envelope and randomness Salvatore Ganacci pushes in this video.

It starts off meeting a family at their home out in the woods as well as a lion, goat, horse, and a panda all while the track begins building up to its drop. Once the drop hits, we are taken to visuals of each family member beating the animals with their items such as fists to even a car. Don’t fret taxidermied animals were used to film the video and no animals were harmed in the making of ‘Horse’. Then we are panned to Salvatore Ganacci driving a motorized dress shoe on his way to rescue the animals.  He not only saves the animals but also put each family member through the same pain they caused the animals.

To say this is a unique video is an understatement, words don’t do justice to describe this music video. You’ll have to see it to believe it. We’re very curious what goes on in the mind of Salvatore Ganacci, this music video gives us only a small glimpse. Check out ‘Horse’ Out Now on OWSLA below!