Creators of Printworks Launch New Venue of Four Connected Warehouses

The creators of London’s famed Printworks club have just announced a brand new venue: The Drumsheds. Printworks London is already recognized as one of the premier clubs in the world, and now the team behind the success is set to launch a massive new project.

The Drumsheds combines four interlinked warehouses with a capacity of 10,000 inside, as well as a further 10 acres of space outside. One warehouse usually does the trick, as Printworks can attest. Add 3 more warehouses, now you’ve got yourself a potentially legendary venue.

The Drumsheds is located in Northern London, away from the constraints of a bustling city but still easily accessible. The venue used to be a gasworks from the 1930s to the 1970s, creating quite an amazing backdrop. Now, The Drumsheds is finalizing an epic revival which will see it become one of the hottest spots in London.

The inaugural event will take place on June 7-8 of this year: the Field Day festival. The event will see the likes of Diplo, Seth Troxler, Earl Sweatshirt, and more play across the two days.

Check more details regarding The Drumsheds here and let us know what you think.