Kanye Brings Sunday Service to Coachella Weekend 2

kanye sunday service
Photo cred: Billboard

For those lucky enough to celebrate Easter Sunday at Coachella, you will get a chance to see a show like no other. Kanye West is bringing his Sunday Service to Coachella Weekend 2!

What is Kanye’s Sunday Service? The mega star has been leading invite-only private shows playing gospel versions of his hits in the local Calabasas area. The shows have been star-studded with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Diplo rumored to have been in his audience.

According to Coachella’s official Sunday Service site, the show will be held at ”the Mountain” in the campgrounds. For those lucky enough to attend the event live, it will start at 9am PST on Sunday, April 21st. For the rest of us, Youtube will live stream the show.

Given the unpredictability of Coachella shows from weekend 1, we can only guess at what will happen at Sunday Service. With surprise appearances from Cardi B to Selena Gomez from the first weekend, it might be expected for Kanye to have a surprise guest or two on the stage. Stay tuned for what Kanye has up his sleeve!