Jeffrey Sutorius feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Nothing Hurts Like Love

jeffrey sutorius nothing hurts like love
Floris Heuer

Jeffrey Sutorius feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Nothing Hurts Like Love

Following an electric comeback performance at the ASOT Stage of Ultra Miami, it’s safe to say that Jeffrey Sutorius is officially back. Promising tons of new music, he follows through on that promise today. We are delighted for his latest track ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love‘ featuring the talented Jonathan Mendelsohn. The release comes to us via his own imprint BODYWRMR.

This track is his second release since splitting from Dash Berlin. His first solo release was his track ‘Bad Days.’ He has taken on a lighter, poppier, and uplifting direction than his previous work. Via his record label social media account, they have been publicizing this release heavily:

‘Nothing Hurts Like Love’ opens with a strong kick drum leading into some inspired piano work. As you are lulled by this instrumental verse, Jonathan Mendelsohn’s voice chimes in every so gently. His high-soaring vocals carry the listener into a flourish of supremely uplifting effect work. As the song builds, Mendelsohn’s voice releases into a very affirming crescendo of big bass work and high-cutting synths. A quick turnaround cut with some acoustic guitar comes back strong again into the song’s final release. A truly enjoyable track from Jeff!

You can check out Jeffrey Sutorius ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love’ below on Spotify!