Dillon Francis’ Announces ‘Gerald’s World’ Animated Series

Gerald, Dillon Francis and Spencer Porter

If you say the name “Gerald” to an electronic dance music enthusiast, it’s almost guaranteed that the person’s mind will link it to Dillon Francis‘ piñata and best friend. If you’ve been following the American producer’s social media channels, you’ve most definitely seen his colorful pal featured in some pretty hilarious and entertaining skits.

Recently, the ‘Lost My Mind‘ musician has branched out from featuring his piñata via his official merchandise, to undergo another impressive undertaking involving his iconic buddy.

Francis has been working with Spencer Porter, a writer from hit shows such as Family Guy and We Bare Bears, to executive produce a brand new animated comedy series christened ‘Gerald’s World‘.

McG and Mary Viola will produce via Wonderland Sound and Vision, along with Corey Marsh. The deal was negotiated by Gersh. With an impressive team behind the production, we have no doubts that the result will be legendary!

The final details are still being discussed and finalized; 20th Century Fox TV is equally part of the team as they are aiding in the development of the animated comedy. That’s right, Gerald will be on the big screen!

To get a feel of the hilarious bound that Francis & Gerald share, check out the time that his piñata got butt implants below: