Fake News: Zhu and Disclosure Collaboration is NOT Real

A ZHU and Disclosure collaboration? That sounds too good to be true, and in fact it was. While no one could have seen it coming, this photo perplexed us all.

On this now-deleted IG story on ZHU’s account, the greatest team up we could have watched is not true (for now…). As hot gossip bred like wildfire, we anxiously wondered what the dynamic electronic duo and Ringo’s Desert artist had in store. This alone could’ve made the rest of our year.

After the rush of excitement subsided, ZHU stepped in and explained via Twitter below.

While is not the good news we were hoping for, we eagerly await what happens in the future. Perhaps it’s a marketing tactic or perhaps it’s just not the right time.

The mixture of Guy and Howard’s unique, genre bending musical style plus Steven’s masterful dark mysterious beats would captivate anyone.

There is still no explanation on how this rumor got started. Let’s keep an eye out and open ear for more updates. Surely, this will happen. Even if ZHU x Disclosure is not a thing, there are tons of artists and new collaborations waiting for us. All across the dance music spectrum at Ultra Music Festival this coming weekend, it’s going to be lit!

2019 is a new year full of new music and artists. Many festivals await us and so much excitement to come regardless.

Good things come to those who wait. We’ve waited for Disclosure to come back, and they did. Zhu played an outstanding set at Beyond Wonderland last weekend. Who knows, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for sure!