Ultra Music Festival Becomes A Fiery Nightmare To Leave

ultraAs one of the most anticipated festivals every year Ultra has become more and more difficult to leave. Last night this was all too literal. As festival goers were trying to leave the secluded venues multiple issues arose. First, one of the shuttles for the event had crashed into another vehicle where people were being loaded to leave the event. Due to added departure time, many people were frustrated with how long it was taking to leave Ultra, adding stress to attendees and security.

In the video above attendees recorded a stressed out Ultra security guard at the event who was allegedly smoking a cigarette and tossed it, starting a fire. This became larger than anticipated and created more departure issues.

The raging fire was near one of the exits of the event and caused even more delays. Video has surfaced of people walking down the bridge to downtown Miami; some people took up to 2 hours to get to their hotel.

Despite a new venue, Ultra had promised a safe trip for attendees.

UltraSadly, it seems that things have not gone according to plan for the new venue. Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully, there are no more issues happen for those attending Ultra.