Seven Lions Announces Upcoming Above & Beyond Remix

Seven Lions Remix

Brace yourselves – Seven Lions just announced he is releasing his remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Sahara Love’. The track will drop this Friday, March 8.

Seven Lions and Above & Beyond have both remixed each other’s tunes before. Their sounds have a similar passion and depth behind them, making the twists on the original tracks blend effortlessly.

‘Sahara Love’ begins with a gentle guitar riff, and blends into a steady beat. Zoë Johnston’s deep, alluring vocals bring all of the rhythms together in a calm fashion. We can hear exactly where the massive Seven Lions drops and build ups will likely be in the upcoming remix. Another thing we can be certain of is that Seven Lions will make sure that despite his drops and increased intensity, he will make sure the vocals of Zoë Johnston are still highlighted. Seven Lions is a master of his craft, and continues to prove himself as one of the most consistent, unique and talented artists in the electronic music world. Above & Beyond have been steady in the music game for years now, and it is always exciting for us to receive a different takes on their classic songs like ‘Sahara Love’.

Stay tuned for the official release of this remix – we know it will be epic. Check out the original version of ‘Sahara Love’ down below!

Seven Lions – Sahara Love