Rodg – Inupiaq/Over Town

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Rodg – Inupiaq/Over Town

The highly prolific progressive house master Rodg just keeps cranking out jams. Following his departure from the ASOT crew, today sees the release of a two-track EP ‘Inupiaq/Over Town.’ The quick-hitter sees its release through Ruben de Ronde‘s label Statement! Recordings.

Kicking off with some truly groovy vibes, ‘Inupiaq‘ is a subtle yet powerful track. The beauty of this song is the ambient vibes mixed with the progressive bass, and your head will be bopping along to the strong bass line. A wonderful breakdown utilizes calming synth-work before bringing back the percussion. ‘Inupiaq’ are a native people in northwestern Alaska, so perhaps Rodg was inspired after spending some time in the region.

The second track, ‘Over Town,’ takes a bit more aggressive line out of the gate. The sense of urgency Rodg creates is palpable. The voice-over makes you feel like you are in a spy movie being given classified information. As the synths bounce back and forth, the tension continues to build. Teasing out every ounce of the breakdown, the release is understated but massive. Definitely an underground and dark vibe permeating the track from start to finish.

Rodg is doing a little bit of everything these days. Between touring, producing and releasing, he also is finding time to teach. His class via FaderPro shows aspiring DJs how he builds a quality progressive track from scratch.

Check out Rodg’s ‘Inupiaq/Over Town’ combo below on Spotify!