[Premiere] Dave Winnel – Lily Of The Valley


Dave Winnel – Lily Of The Valley

Looks like Dave Winnel has created another hit with his newest track, ‘Lily Of The Valley.‘ Not long ago he broke through with his summer anthem ‘Achtung!.’ In 2016, his 2 million times played Spotify hit ‘Don’t Stop’ made him one of the most sought after remixers. The Armada Music stalwart hit the ground running since breaking through back in 2013 and seems to have picked up momentum along the way. This newest release, dropping today, sounds like it will continue that trend.

‘Lily of the Valley,’ is on the A State Of Trance 903 mix as its, ‘Progressive Pick.’ Because of this you already know it has the backing of Armin Van Buuren. Along with that, he’s getting praise from artists like Pete Tong, Axwell, Ingrosso, Steve AngelloTiësto, and Hardwell. With that kind of backing, you know you have to pay attention whenever Dave Winnel puts out fresh music. Obviously, Armada Music felt the same way and was quick to snatch him up.

The track is very much on par with Dave Winnel’s uplifting and organic sound. It’s not heavy on synths or sampling. Those effects play subtly and blend into the background giving the track a nice polished feel while letting the percussion be the star. He keeps the tempo moving back and forth throughout the song. Sort of like a bumble bee bouncing around a meadow moving from flower to flower. Hence the name, Lily Of The Valley.

It seems as though the guys over at Armada have another hit on their hands. However, other labels out there have no need to worry. Dave Winnel’s known to spread the love around. Dropping ‘Old School’ on Axtone along with content for Size, Def Jam, and Warner proves that. Undoubtedly, Dave will have plenty of more hits to spread around.

Check out Dave Winnel’s new single ‘Lily Of The Valley’ below now!