New Netflix Comedy About a Down-and-Out DJ Posts Official Trailer

netflix dj show

While we probably learned everything we need to know from the critically-acclaimed and highly accurate DJ film “We Are Your Friends,” Netflix has decided to provide their own take on the profession. A new Netflix DJ show, “Turn Up Charlie,” is set to premiere on March 15 via our favorite streaming portal. The show stars Idris Elba (a very real and respected DJ in his own right), Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Covert Affairs) and J.J. Feild (Captain America, TURN).

The official trailer was released this week, and in all honesty, it looks pretty funny. Elba plays a down-and-out DJ who is trying to get his career back on track. He runs into his best friend (Feild), who offers him a job working with his famous DJ wife (Perabo). Kicker is – it isn’t making music – the job is as a babysitter for her 11-year old daughter (Frankie Hervey).

It appears to be a comedic take on the struggles DJs face and the crap they have to wade through. As a bonus, the babysitter angle is a funny one – the relationship between Elba and Hervey appears to be the main plot-driver here. With the TV-MA tag, there are sure to be lots of foul language and compromising situations. In all, some low-key star-power with decently comedic writing looks to be a winning combination.

Check out the full trailer for the new Netflix DJ show “Turn Up Charlie” below!

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