Introducing Google Stadia: A New Streaming Gaming Platform

Google Stadia Leads the PC Master Race?

Ok Google, it’s time to tackle the gaming industry. In an effort to change $140 billion gaming industry, here is Stadia. Starting today, people can play the highest of quality Stadia games on these low-powered machines. Stream from your laptop, TV, phone, or wherever you have an internet connection. Our internet mogul is transforming the PC master race with this platform. A special Stadia controller is available for purchase as well.

The cost for gamers to use the service has yet to be disclosed, though it is launching in the US, Canada, the UK, and most of Europe. Data center is your platform–pick up where you left off on any device. How many times have we wanted to finish Resident Evil 2 from the movie theater, into the car, and finally home?

Just like console games, you can capture moments from gameplay and share them to Youtube. The nifty Google Assistant button gives access to the microphone for speaking to the in-game features.

4k HDR games at 60 fps are supported with a potential to support 8k resolution. What a time to be alive. If Microsoft and Sony have this on lock, so can this.

Calling all gaming studios!

They need developers to build titles for Stadia on their cloud. id Software has “Doom Eternal” and Tequila Studios has “Rime”, but they need more. The challenge is bringing blockbuster games to this platform. To get around that, they are creating Stadia Games and Entertainment, their first-party game studio. Working with other partner studios, we expect new titles are forthcoming.

xCloud is Microsoft’s competitor as it has the scale and technology successful in engaging gaming for over 30 years. “New World” by Amazon is also getting thrown in the mix as they are also building a cloud gaming service fit for the PC master race as well.