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Here is Beats Answer to Apple’s AirPods

Just as innovative as the AirPods, Beats is taking a stab at an equivalent device: the Powerbeats Pro. There aren’t many technical details available yet but there is some stuff we do know.

It’s been discovered that coding in the iOS 12.2 software has imagery for the Powerbeats Pro. If you’ve seen it, you know an all-wireless earbud set is forthcoming. The target consumer is gym fanatics, as you no longer have to worry about sweaty workouts ruining your headphones. They are similar in appearance to the Powerbeats 3, minus the cabling and you can charge them in its case. We don’t know if the case is capable of wireless charging, but like its predecessor, the technology can’t be far off.

The “Hey Siri” function is available as well. A CNET report states that the device would include the AirPods’ H1 chip. This could mean a stronger battery life. Notably, these would bring another standout contender to their wireless headphone lineup. Instead of a one-size-fits-all set up, it offers adjustable ear tips and over-ear clips for a customizable fit.

With a rumored release date of April, this has yet to be confirmed. The real unknown is the cost. Since Apple sells the AirPods for $199, perhaps these new beauties will be around that price. With a charging case and other add-ons, the company could charge a premium. Its target consumers will be very happy with this product regardless. Now is your chance to workout without the excessive bundle of over-the-ear headphones or sweat in your ears.