Gareth Emery Presents: Laserface Miami Warm Up Mix

gareth emery laserface warmup mix

Laserface Miami Warm Up Mix

Lasers are primed and ready for Gareth Emery’s Miami show to spearhead his new Laserface tour. Taking placing on Friday 29th at the Mana Wynwood, this is a definite stop for anyone’s MMW schedule.

Since the first Laserface show shocked the world in 2017, fans have been craving for Gareth to bring it back. Anyone who has seen the show in person can go off about how mind-blowing the production is. This is especially so when hundreds of lasers are synced perfectly to your favorite trance tracks. The word on the street is that this time it will be even better. Renowned laser designer, Anthony Garcia, is at the helm of it all, constantly upgrading and tweaking the production. Utilizing the latest innovative technology, the show will be like none other.

After kickstarting the Laserface tour in Miami, Gareth will be taking it all across the world to share the monstrous visual experience.  Before that happens, Gareth is being rather considerate for his fans. Before the face melting commences next week, he has released his laidback Laserface Miami Warm Up Mix. The hour mix features tracks from Above & Beyond, Maor Levi, Matisse & Sadko, and more. The full tracklist can be found here.

Laserface Miami Warm Up Mix