Gareth Emery ft. Ashley Wallbridge – Electric Pirates

Gareth Emery Electric Pirates Gareth Emery ft. Ashley Wallbridge – Electric Pirates

Here’s another Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge collaboration for you. Titled ‘Electric Pirates’, this is their trance rendition of the popular theme to Pirates of the Caribbean.

The track starts off with a big room sound reminiscent of the melody of ‘He’s a Pirate’ by Hans Zimmer. At the first drop, a psytrance bass line enters and continues until the next chorus. You still get the sense of adventure, just with more energy. Since the title says electric, there’s just as every bit of movement flowing in you as the original brings.

Halfway through, the melody breaks down into a calm before the storm. A light, airy jingle with snaps enters. The big room atmosphere returns but gradually ascends back into the psytrance tunnel. Navigate uncharted waters with this tune. We can see this being the next big anthem at Laserface (it already is in Vancouver).

We’re loving every bit of this theme they have chosen. They’re hoisting their sails up high before slamming down the bassline at full speed. Conquering the dancefloor with this, you’d think you were on the seven seas. Taken from the ‘Kingdom United’ treasure chest, this fiery instrumental will set clubs on fire. Have your fists in the air with all hands and feet on deck.

Both artists are gearing up to visit the States among other stops in Europe. If you get the chance to see them, do it. Laserface is a show worth watching and an experience to remember. When this song hits, the lasers will not quit.

Listen below for their latest big release. It’s going to make you never stop moving wherever you are!

Gareth Emery ft. Ashley Wallbridge – Electric Pirates