Fyre Festival Victims to be Rescued with Auctioned Off Merchandise

 Fyre Festival Swag Auction Coming Soon!

In light of the disaster that Fyre Festival evoked, here is a bit of good news for its financial victims. The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office just announced that festival merchandise will be auctioned off. This is to repay the fraud victims yet to receive compensation. You can thank the infamy of the Fyre brand for this sentiment and Billy’s lawyer for releasing the merchandise.

Widespread knowledge of the festival fraudulent scandal should spur its success. Since the official merchandise has been collected by the federal government, perhaps it will also become highly coveted collector’s items.

Two boxes worth of authentic FF branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands, and medallions are available. Those in the New York metro areas, now is your chance at this awesome sale!

This is the real deal, folks. Not the counterfeit items on eBay. There’s a $1,000 wristband and a $600 hat. Take your pick, choose wisely. If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s a shirt featuring Andy King, the dedicated member willing to perform sexual favors for water to attendees.

Tune in to the auction online coming soon. Funds received through merchandise sales will be distributed to verified ticket purchasers and investors fallen victim. While Billy McFarland sits in prison, his debt is also not going away anytime soon. He cheated his investors out of $24 million and skimped his ticket vendors out about $2 million.

USMS officials have auctioned off clothing belonging to a convicted fraudster before. With this, I think we can all rest easy knowing that justice is absolutely being served. Be a part of Fyre history with an official item!

A formal date for the online auction has yet to be announced so stay tuned. While no pictures of the items are available just yet, we expect them to be just as ‘fyre’.