Facebook has blamed a “database overload” for the site going dark globally for 14 hours earlier this week. Countries including the US, Europe, South America, and Japan were hit the worst. In addition, their suite of apps – including Instagram and WhatsApp – had issues during this meltdown.

Facebook experienced a similar event in 2008, but their audience is much larger today – 2.3 billion monthly users – and the troubles with the outage were heard around the world. Instagram users reported that they were unable to refresh the feed, log in, or access the desktop site; Facebook Messenger was not receiving any messages. Some speculated that the site was attacked, but the company denied all such claims.

Users took to Twitter to slander the site. #FacebookDown trended on Twitter where people went on and on about how they were unable to use the social media sites. On the other hand, some people took the time to promote a different idea. They advocated that people should drop their phones and enjoy their time without social media.

What did you do during the madness? Let us know on our Facebook and Instagram. You may want to hurry up – you never know when they’ll both be down again.