Dog Blood Debuts Potential New ID At BUKU Festival

New music from Dog Blood? Yes, please! Just a few weeks ago, the duo confirmed that new tunes are on the way. And now, it seems like it’s finally here. The iconic duo played at BUKU Festival last weekend and started their set with what appears to be a new ID. Fortunately, a fan captured a few minutes on video for everyone to see. The intro kicks off with low bass before exotic vocal chops blast away. From there, screechy synths are thrown into the fray and sounds very similar to the old DB sound.

2019 is shaping up to be the year of Dog Blood. it has been a very exciting few months since Skrillex and Boys Noize announced their project’s return to the EDM circuit. Their monumental return to Ultra Music Festival will be one for the books. They are also bringing the heat to Brownie & Lemonade’s warehouse party on March 28th at the Mana Wynwood Warehouse. The dog boy’s appearances are rare so if you’re in Miami this week, be sure to catch at least one of their sets.

Beyond their Miami appearance, DB is also slated to perform at Sunset Music Festival. Check out their intro at BUKU Festival below and let us know if you think it’s new Dog Blood music!