Cosmic Gate Sits Down With EDMTunes and discusses Past, Present & Future!

Cosmic Gate Sits Down With EDMTunes and discusses Past, Present & Future!

[Interview] Cosmic Gate Sits Down with EDMTunes and Discusses Past, Present & Future!
When we think of trance, we automatically think of Cosmic Gate. The German duo has been in the industry for over 20 years, and ASOT 900 – Utrecht has been one of the stops of their Forward Ever, Backward Never Tour. We ran into them backstage and got them to talk on their past, present and future. Check out the full interview below!

It’s so good to have you here in Utrecht for ASOT 900! Currently, you are on tour celebrating 20 years of your music. Congratulations! In which other ways are you guys celebrating this epic milestone?

Bossi: The whole tour is for this very, very special celebration!

Nic: We try to play longer sets, for as long as possible, so that we can play a really nice wage of music, it’s a way to play some tracks that really meant a lot to us back in the day, we are trying to make some remixes and versions from tracks of back in the day! New songs, obviously we’re doing an album it’s coming up in May, hopefully we can finish it in time!

Bossi: Basically, our whole life is wrapped around this 20-year tour at the moment!

In the beginnings, you have started as a hard trance duo, to later start exploring more deep, progressive sounds. What influenced you to take a different road in the music you were making?

N: Well, you have to see it in the whole period of time, it happened naturally with traveling, with playing in different parts all over the world, especially in the beginning, we played in Germany, Holland, it was very hard trance, but then, the more we’ve traveled, the more we’ve seen, the more other sounds we played…

B: It’s like the development as an artist, as a band, as much as the personalities of a single person, we changed with all the travels, all the shows, new markets, new cities we’ve never seen before, you get new influences.

N: The interesting thing is that we’ve never talked about it, we’ve never said “let’s change”, “let’s do this”, it happened, it’s a natural progression.

B: We’ve just always followed our heart from the music, it’s not like we wanted to do something different, we just, in the studio, do what we feel, and we hope that our fans, our crowd, follow us. That’s what we’ve done for 20 years!

With a new album coming up soon, what other projects are you considering on taking? Any more remixes or side projects perhaps?

B: When you write an album, there’s not really time to do a lot of other things! We are absolutely focused on the album, which will have a brand new music that we’re writing, we’re going to have some collaborations with other artists, we’re going to rework all the tracks to a 2019 sound, like “Need to feel loved”, so it will be a great mixture of the past, present and future.

In 20 years, we are sure you must have had some very funny moments when playing live. Could you recall the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while being on stage?

B: Actually, the funny things after the years, most of the times, in that moment I feel really bad! Once we had a 1500 people club in Australia and suddenly the whole sound system fails, but our monitors and speakers in the DJ booth were working, so we just turned the speakers around and the whole club started to dance just to that speaker, nobody left! We were like: WTF is going on!!! Years later, we’re just laughing about it, everyone is “Hey, Cosmic Gate just played with monitor speakers and everyone was jamming!”

Most of the things that are really funny, are just so in between the two of us that it’s hard to share with anyone! But there are so many little things that make us remember how good these years were…

What, according to you, is the secret to success in the world of electronic music?

N: Well there are a few things! First of all, do it for the right reasons, if you get into this, do it because you love it and not because you think “I want to be on the stage on day” or “I want to have this life”. Do it because you love the music. Be unique! Always try to find your own sound, don’t copy someone else.

B: Don’t copy and try to be the ‘trance’. If you copy other things you’re already behind. Be unique it’s in our opinion, the most important tip.

One last question guys: If you could be any other thing in the world other than DJ/producers, what would that be and why?

N: For me, I really have no idea because rather doing studies, I straight went into this and I didn’t do anything else, so it’s really hard to imagine myself doing anything else. I’m glad it worked out this way!

B: We are basically living our dream! And only because we love it as much and we enjoy this dream, because there are a lot of downsides, we don’t have a lot of privacy, we have not a lot of time for our family and friends, girlfriends, jetlag, you’re tired, you’re always pushing and rushing, so you need to have a lot of love for it, to enjoy it as much as possible.

Thanks Bossi and Nic for the chat! For more information about Cosmic Gate’s upcoming tour dates, click here.