It’s been over a year since the extraterrestrials of AREA21 traveled to Planet Earth. Today, they’ve returned and brought us a brand new track titled ‘HELP‘.

Many artists these days work on tons of different side projects under different aliases so they can create music outside their usual genre.  When it comes to Martin Garrix, he didn’t want just any normal alias – he wanted to become an alien. AREA21 was born in his mind in collaboration with American rapper Maejor. They first touched down back in 2016 at Ultra Music Festival with their hit track ‘Spaceships‘. They continued making contact with follow up singles ‘Girls,’ ‘We Did It,’ ‘Glad You Came,’ and ‘Happy‘.

‘HELP’ marks the sixth attempt of AREA21 reaching out to us here on Earth. This one sounds like they’re trying to give us a wake up call. Maejor belts out a heartfelt vocal where he preaches some of the wrongdoings he sees happening on our planet, along with the hope that change can come.  Martin Garrix accompanies these messages with trap, bass and hip-hop vibes that are literally out of this world.

We’ve come to expect nothing but the best from Garrix and Maejor under the alias of AREA21, and they have delivered yet again. Climb aboard the AREA21 spaceship and check out the new extraterrestrial track ‘Help’ below!


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