Watermät – Preach

Watermät Preach

Watermät – Preach

Out now on SpinninDeep is a new track released by Watermät. Titled ‘Preach‘, this is a song that will pump you full of energy. It’s perfect for the high seas!

Right off the bat, it crescendos into the main house beat with that crunchy bass line. That bass drives the song and brings out the perfect soundscape for an afternoon rooftop party. This song can be played anywhere and it will get bodies moving and heads rolling. It’s infectious and that soulful vocal throughout gives it a groovy rhythm. The guitar solo in the middle makes way for the breakdown. As it drops, the bass keeps you in suspense for a hot minute. Then you’re hit with that ‘Losing It’ drop as the piece finishes out.

Born in the early 80s, Laurent Arriau developed this deep house project with his affinity for music at an early age. His house music influence comes from Daft Punk, and we can see it. French house is unique and whenever we can get a taste, dance music is never the same.

Rising from anonymity into popularity, our French DJ/producer has come along way since his first track ‘Bullit‘. He has been the newest rising underdog in the dance scene. His music blends the perfect mix of samples, instruments, and electronic sounds.

Since the autumn of 2013, he has taken the stage and decided to share his love for dance music with the world. Soon, the buzz around him started and Spinnin’ Records took their chance to sign him with their Deep imprint.

All his headstrong tracks generate millions of plays. It combines major cool appeal with contemporary house music. We think this is another perfect anthem, perhaps for summer maybe? Listen to the track below and see what you think!

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