Ultra Music Festival’s First Sustainability Initiatives Revealed

Snatching up tickets and accessories to gear-up for festival season distracts us from the importance of sustainability. As a result, the pollution from huge events like Ultra Music Festival has become a serious concern. This year, Ultra Music Festival’s move to Virginia Key Beach has sparked concern on the event’s impact on the delicate environment. In addition, the City of Miami required Ultra to submit an environmental plan as part of the approval process.

In response, UMF Miami – set to roll out the bass next month – will be rolling out recycle bins. The announcement is now live on its Facebook page and website.

As Ultra moves to the pristine ecosystem at Virginia Key, it had to step up its environmental outreach. The mission page on its website presents six initiatives that it has created to combat the many dangers that it was challenged with. Attendees or those with general concerns are encouraged to look into how UMF does its part as well as participate. At this time a ‘Leave No Trace’ initiative will be implemented – one, that is similar to Burning Man.

This particular initiative is directed at those who will be present at Ultra Music Festival in one capacity or another. Therefore, common sense suggestions for anyone looking to reduce their pollution footprint are prominent. Listed are things like using trash bins, not littering, respecting the natural habitat, and respecting barriers. Initially, the initiative seems like a remedial action. Although, the lessons learned from the Reading Festival suggest the opposite.

One of the stand out items on the list is the pyrotechnic alternatives being employed. Ultra will no longer use standard flammable pyro and fireworks, but use new materials that have less risk of sparking a fire on the ground. Other ideas include involving Clean Vibes for waste management, enhanced staff training, and installing extensive barrier equipment help prove that. Additionally, banning certain products from the grounds and stage production should bolster that argument.

Continue following UMF for more information about it’s initiatives at the links below.

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