The Eric Prydz 108-Track Playlist You NEED in Your Life

eric prydz playlist

By now, if you haven’t been to an Eric Prydz show, you are in the minority. His unique way to draw a track out and keep listeners on the hook until the final last moment of release is legendary. His dazzling and stunning visual displays may not even need music to feel the emotion they carry. His one drawback? We can never get hold of his set lists. Why, you may ask? Because mostly everything he plays is an ID, or unreleased track without a name.

Thanks to a wonderful human being on Soundcloud, Gustav Granath (goes by GG), we now have access to a much sought after Eric Prydz treasure. That treasure? An Eric Prydz 108-track playlist containing many of his ID tracks from various sets and festivals. Oh. Thank. Goodness.

GG’s “PRYDA” playlist does contain many of Prydz’s iconic tracks, however the real blessing comes in the form of unreleased IDs. In listening through the playlist, you are treated to the full arsenal that Prydz has to offer. With tracks dating back to as far as 2005, this 108-track playlist will satisfy your Prydz appetite for days on end.


h/t GG on Soundcloud