Pig&Dan Release Premiere Infinity EP


Pig&Dan – Infinity EP

Pig&Dan just released their first solo EP on Drumcode since 2016. It is a stirring four-track work album. Let’s break it down.

The title track ‘Infinity’ is a rave-infused stadium techno piece. Perfectly crafted, it’s driven by an undulating melodic lead. The tension builds to the break, right before the chords re-appear and propel the track towards that trippy finale.

Losing Part of Me’ is momentous–its punchy bass and pin-sharp percussion mixing superbly. The emotive vocal and laser-kissed melody touch you. As you’re driven to the end, you do lose yourself in this one.

Terrax’ starts off with woozy synths that escalate in intensity. Unexpectedly, you drop into a series of soothing synth propellers. Soon, you slam back in with undulation until the end.

Plex’ concludes the EP. It has a brooding melody line paired with pumping percussion. The middle breaks down into a slower tempo for an interesting turn of events. As it escalates back into the melody, get ready for a heavy atmospheric finale.

Since 1999, the duo has become one of electronic music’s most prolific artists. They shapeshift between different shades of house and techno while keeping to their signature sound we love. They solidified their relationship with Adam Beyer over the years, which has landed them on his Drumcode label. If you’ve heard their debut EP Mexico back in 2016, you know what they’re about.

They’ve collaborated on releases with Beyer, Harvey Mckay, ANNA and Stephan Hinz. Igor and Dan are all about their music. They push the envelope of sound without boundaries and always supply the crowd with a unique smiling experience. I was fortunate enough to see them at Nocturnal Wonderland in SoCal a few years back. If you get a chance to see them, do it!

Listen to the EP below.

Pig&Dan – Infinity