Jeffrey Sutorius Launches Label With New Single

Once known as the frontman and face of Dash Berlin, Jeffrey Sutorius now sets out on a new chapter in his life with the launch of his own record label, BODYWRMR and its inaugural track release, ‘Bad Days’. After months of on-going social media spats with the remaining members of Dash Berlin, this is seemingly the natural move for Sutorius to prove that he is doing just fine without their support.

If you haven’t been up to speed, Sutorius had severed ties with the group last May after members, Sebastiaan Molijn and Elke Kalberg, registered ‘Dash Berlin’ under their names only. Since then, they’ve been engaging in nasty Twitter arguments that have divided fans—similar to two parents going through a nasty divorce and their kid caught in the middle.

With Dash Berlin behind him, Sutorius now turns a new leaf with the release of upbeat, uplifting, single ‘Bad Days’. Speaking volumes, it was clearly produced as a reflection of times from his recent past. Once just the frontman/DJ of Dash Berlin, Sutorius proves that he is just as capable as his former group-mates in delivering and producing a new catchy track. As for his new label, he shares the meaning behind why BODYWRMR was chosen.

 “The reason I decided to call my new record label BODYWRMR is threefold. You are heating up your body when dancing at a party. Secondly, electronic music allows us to bond in a PLUR state of mind when we are hugging each other on the dancefloor and making friendships for life, we are literally warming up each other’s bodies. And finally, I wish to thank everyone for their support in making my new journey as Jeffrey Sutorius possible: this truly warms my body by first warming my heart…”

With ‘Bad Days’ being just a sneak-peek as to what we may expect from him in the future, this is a great new beginning for Sutorius. We can’t wait to see what other unreleased material he’s working with—possibly to be teased in his upcoming performance on the highly coveted Ultra Miami, A State of Trance stage. Before then, check out ‘Bad Days’ down below, and stay tuned for more on Sutorius’ new chapter.