Berlin’s Most Picky Bouncers Have a Film About Them

Line outside of Berghain nightclub in Berlin. Photocred: The Telegraph

The notoriously hard-to-impress bouncers of Berlin’s Berghain and King Size nightclubs will have a film about them. The film Berlin Bouncer will premier at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival, which starts on February 7th. The documentary will follow Berghain bouncers Sven Marquardt and Smiley Baldwin and King Size bouncer Frank Künster. The film documents each of the bouncers’ entries into the nightlife scene, starting from the 80s to present day.

Specifically, Marquardt started as a budding photographer in then East Berlin, while Künster had moved from West Berlin. Baldwin, on the other hand, was once an American GI guarding the border.

As for the nightclubs that these bouncers are guarding, these were meccas of electronic music. Berghain is consistently ranked as one of the top clubs in the world and is an epicenter for techno. The club itself is so notoriously difficult to get into that there are countless articles on the internet giving tips about it.

Nevertheless, Berlin Bouncer, will surely give viewers a deep insight about the inner workings of these clubs. Check out the trailer for the film below!