DJ/producer prodigy Whethan is only 19 years old but is already extremely successful. Don’t let his young age fool you because his skills in the studio and vision for music is well beyond his age. Back in November 2018, he debuted his long awaited album titled Life of a Wallflower Vol 1. that quickly became a huge hit. Detailing Whethan’s life musically and lyrically, the 8 track EP allows listeners to see why he considers himself a wallflower. His music video for ‘Radar‘ showed a day in the life of the protagonist which is a wallflower. Now his newest music video for ‘Top Shelf‘ feat. Bipolar Sunshine allows us to see a new side of his life.

Out now via Big Beat Records, the video stars model Alina Lee who eats a sunflower in a field and thats where the fun begins. She enters a hallucinatory world as our favorite plant protagonist appears and takes her hand to bring her along on a trippy and psychedelic adventure. here is what Whethan had to say about the video:

“This music video is a continuation of the story about Wallflower and his journey through life. It’s one of my favorite songs to play in my sets and it was extremely fun to experiment with house music. Working with Bipolar Sunshine was an absolute honor and he absolutely nailed it.”

Check out the video below to see for yourself!

Whethan – Top Shelf feat. Bipolar Sunshine